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EA Sports nerfed Flick Ups and Volleys in FUT 21

EA Sports nerfed Flick Ups and Volleys in FUT 21

EA Sports continues its intention to improve the FUT 21 gaming experience. Therefore, they have recently introduced a new update in order to correct errors and adjust some aspects of the gameplay.

The patch is now available on PC and is expected to reach consoles in the coming days, as always happens with all updates to the franchise.

The update nerfs the Flick Ups and Volleys.

Specifically, this new update’s main mission is to reduce the effectiveness of flick ups and volleys in and out of the area. EA Sports has drastically reduced the hit rate of these shots and now they are not as effective a weapon as before.

In the same way, dribbling has also been nerfed. Now the player that carries the ball no longer exerts as much control over it if he make several touches, so the defenders have more opportunities to take it away in the race.

As expected, several players have already come out to criticize the changes made in this update, as many of them exploited this way of shooting at goal and managed to score many goals by passing the ball over the goalkeeper.

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Here are the patch notes, by EA Sports:

Reduced consistency of the ball trajectory after successfully performing a Skill Move which involves launching the ball into the air.

Reduced Flick Up ball trajectory consistency in cases where the Flick Up is performed directly following a Skill Move.

Reduced consistency of Flick Ups performed while running with the ball.

This effect is most impactful when the ball carrier is running at a high speed.

Reduced the effectiveness of Volleyed Chip Shots when taken from 35 feet/10.67 meters and beyond.

This effect scales up to 55 feet/16.76 meters, meaning that Volleyed Chip Shots reduce in effectiveness the farther they’re taken from, up until 55 feet/16.76 meters.

Volleyed Chip Shots taken at 55 feet/16.76 meters and beyond can be half as effective as those taken at 35 feet/10.67 meters.

Considerably reduced the probability of the referee calling for the end of the match during a potential goalscoring opportunity.

As a result, Injury Time could now last for a slightly longer period.

Addressed the following issues:

When defending against the Bridge Skill Move while Jockeying, the defending player could temporarily slow down unintentionally.

When a defending player performed a tackle that was unsuccessful at winning the ball, the tackler’s foot could partially pass through a portion of the ball.

This change does not impact the success or failure of tackles, and the tackling player is now more likely to make some contact with the ball in these situations.

Following a specific type of goalkeeper pass during an offline match, the defending team’s CPU AI would not attempt to pressure the attacking side in order to recover the ball.

What do you think of the changes in this update so far?

FUT 21 is now available worldwide on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia and PC.