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Throughout the game, Oklahoma attempts to get in the ring. However, Vampiro and the remaining Misfits grab him pour his barbecue sauce around him. Then he tosses Jerry Only from this ring, letting him find the ring that wins Jerry Just the game. Kevin Nash guest commentary for another game. Oklahoma guests commentary for another game. Oklahoma and”Dr. Death” Steve Williams has been observed talking backstage concerning the recent OklahomaOklahoma State match. Sid Vicious and The Outsiders Kevin Nash and Scott Hall are observed coming to the ring. If Sid goes for the powerbomb, then Nash gets into the ring. However, Sid sees it coming and dodges the knee drop, which reaches Hall.

Throughout the game, Hall inadvertently smacks referee Charles Robinson since Sid gets him up to get a chokeslam. Following the game, beast iptv Goldberg runs and hits Jarrett using a Spear along with a Jackhammer. Sid then catches Nash, but until he could power bomb, Jarrett runs and whacks Sid from the head with his guitar. Jarrett then places Hall along with Sid, also wakes up referee Charles Robinson, that sees the pinfall. Scott Hall keeps the WCW United States Heavyweight Championship from Sid Vicious. Then he fights the Revolution off along with his 2×4. Asya strikes Duggan, but that induces Duggan to fall his 2×4 once the Revolution uses this circumstance.

Tonight, he’ll be known as”The Python.” Saturn says that he is going to be called”The Trouser” that he calls”the most popular snake on earth” then states that when the fans need a revolution, then they have got it. Enjoy it or leave it,” The Revolution will abandon it and announce themselves a sovereign state upon themselves and eliminate America. Jim Duggan subsequently shows up and claims he has his snake, then stands for America by saying he will push his 2×4 in which the sun does not shine. Tonight they will begin creating that sad tune better.