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How are pillows used for different types of sleepers?

How are pillows used for different types of sleepers?

Pillow is one of the best things for you to sleep with comfort and also without getting up in a stiff neck the next morning. There are many types of pillows available but mostly people prefer old fashioned feather pillows. Here are some pillows used by the types of pillows. There are three types of sleepers available : side sleepers, stomach sleepers and back sleepers. Soft pillows with higher loft are mostly used by the side sleeper’s type. Be sure that using higher lot pillows should not strain your neck throughout the night. Most stomach sleepers use medium to medium firm pillows with lower loft. For back sleepers select the pillows that should not push them too forward.

Types of pillows used for all types of sleepers:

In general there are thirteen types of pillows are available;

  •   Down and down alternative.
  •   Feather.
  •   Memory foam.
  •   Latex.
  •   Cotton.
  •   Inner spring.
  •   Gel.
  •   Wool.
  •   Microbeads.
  •   Water.
  •   Buck wheat.
  •   Kapok.

In the above mentioned types feather is considered to be affordable and also one of the old type pillows. The best feather pillows are made from top layers of duck and geese. Some companies mix feather with cozier to make it more soft than other material pillows.

What are the sizes and shapes of pillows available?

There are five types of pillows available, let’s have a detailed description of each size. Standard size is one of the common sizes but won’t suit long beds. If pillow size does not fit the bed then the gap will be produced. The size of the standard pillows will be 20 inch wide and 26 inch long. The next size is super standard, this is the same as standard pillows but the only difference will be 2 inch longer than that. You can fold these super standard pillows and also it is very easy for storage. Coming to queen pillows it can be used for both queen and king size beds. Size of the queen pillows are 20 by 30 inches. Queen size pillow cases will suit both standard and queen pillows. But it will be tight in standard pillows for loftier queen pillows.

Usually king size pillows are rectangular in shape and largest pillow size compared to all other pillows. Size of this type of pillow is 20 inch wide and 36 inch long. This type suits only for king size beds. Next type is European pillow and it is square in shape. The size will be 26 by 26 and this won’t be used for sleeping. You can use this pillow for gifting or for decorating purposes. Travel pillows should be small and also easy to carry. So the size of this type will be 12 by 16 inch. These travel pillows will be useful while travelling in flight, car and also this will be liked by children. Compared to all the pillows, old fashioned feather pillow are the best one for sleeping. You can buy all these types of pillows from the nectar sleep. They will show you a variety of pillows in various sizes and shapes.